Amazon Prime Brought the Movies to You With Prime Video Cinema

Here’s how Prime Video Cinema works.

A lot of movies came out towards the end of February and early March. Several of these movies struggled at the box office and an argument could be made that they struggled because people were already avoiding theaters due to fears of COVID-19. All in all, if companies wanted to get any return on their investment, they had to find another way for people to watch their movies from the comfort of their own home while they’re social distancing.

One such way has been provided by Amazon Prime. The streaming platform launched Prime Video Cinema to allow anyone who is stuck inside right now (as we all should be) to check out the movies they missed out on in theaters. As of now, there are seven films available. Onward, Birds of Prey, Bloodshot, and The Way Back are available as an “In-Theater Purchase”. The Invisible Man, The Hunt, and Emma are available as an “In-Theater Rental”.

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