Alex Jones completely loses it — again — during marathon Joe Rogan podcast

If you’ve got something better to do with the next five hours of your life, by all means, do it. But if you’re like 2.5 million other gluttons for podcast punishment, Joe Rogan just served up a bowl full of crazy with his interview of Alex Jones.

Here’s all you really need to know:

‘The media is not gonna cover this. They literally have an alien base and they are making intergalactic deals.’

Apparently, according to Jones, the government is accomplishing these deals by using psychedelic drugs like DMT to communicate with these aliens.

You get the idea.

But that little nugget isn’t the snippet that really pushed Jones to the top of Twitter’s trending list overnight.

Rather, it was this epic NSFW meltdown:

Of course, he was talking about when Ralph Northam made comments that were taken by many, including Donald Trump in his State of the Union, as an endorsement of infanticide. Northam has said his comments were mischaracterized, and the bill isn’t about allowing doctors to “execute” a baby.

Careening from one topic to another, Jones also talked about his role in promoting the Sandy Hook shootings as a false flag, which has landed him in legal hot water with the families involved.

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“I’m not gonna be the mass-shooting denial guy,” he said early in the show, acknowledging that Sandy Hook “absolutely” did happen.

This isn’t the first time these two have gotten together. In a previous Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Jones went on a lengthy, incoherent rant about “interdimensional child molesters.”

After that chat, however, they ultimately got mixed up in a feud, with Jones calling Rogan a sellout for his interview with Jack Dorsey of Twitter
 , where Jones and his InfoWars account were permanently banned.

“I never want to talk to Joe,” Jones said during one of his shows. “I never want to see that little demon … that leaking butthole.”

Lucky (or not) for the internet, they seemed to have worked it out.

Anyway, if you’re up for it, here’s the whole thing:

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