A Viral TikTok Video Claims ‘Property Brothers’ Is Kind of a Scam

It’s important to note that the allegations against Property Brothers are not confirmed to be true and there has been no word on how accurate any of the claims are. The TikTok video in question does paint a picture of what one couple is saying happened, even if there is no proof of their claims just yet.

In the video, the user alleges that a couple, Paul and Mindy King, no longer feel safe in their home because of what was done to their home when they agreed to be on Property Brothers.

She explains in the video that the couple invested more than $200,000 to have their dream home renovated (though in truth it was closer to $193,000), only to be left with cosmetic issues, plus gas hookups and electric wiring that are allegedly not up to code.

Again, Drew and Jonathan Scott have not addressed these claims that the contractors they work with for the show cut corners or performed poor work on this couple’s home. But the TikTok video has still garnered lots of attention among other users who are shocked at the possibility that an HGTV staple might not be what they thought it was.

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/property-brothers-scam-tiktok

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