A Leaked Video of Logan Paul Is Making the Rounds — but Is It Real?

A leaked video of Logan Paul is making the rounds on Twitter, and it’s nothing fight-related. The badly-lit, patchy footage shows a man “vacuum cleaning,” i.e performing fellatio. Some claim that the YouTuber recorded a sex tape while having sex with another man, while others are more skeptical. 

Is the leaked video really of Logan Paul?

“James charles ur next,” Logan responded to the leaked video. “When click bait turns to d–k bait,” he tried to brush off the unexpected social media frenzy later on. 

Some claim that these tweets demonstrate that Logan is open and willing to admit that he was indeed involved in the recording of a sex tape. 

Others state that his mysterious comments added fuel to the fire because they can be read as a confirmation of the deed. The YouTuber refused to address the issue head-on, which left many of his followers discombobulated. 

The video could easily be a plain old scam. However, Logan seems to be in on the game. He handled the unexpected frenzy with relative composure so far, turning the sudden upsurge of interest in his favor.

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leaked video of logan paul

Source: Twitter

The YouTuber came under fire earlier this year for an ill-thought-out announcement about going gay. 

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He made similar comments a few months later, stating that he would be interested in doing a “male only March.” “So it’s male only March. We’re gonna attempt to go gay for just one month,” Logan said on the podcast. 

The LGBTQ community responded to his statements with a great deal of criticism, pointing out that one’s sexual orientation is not a choice. 

leaked video of logan paul

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“Logan Paul joking about being gay “for one month” while countless LGBT+ around the world are killed & committing suicide for their sexuality, is disgusting. He continues to be an awful representation of the YouTube community & shows he truly has learned NOTHING over the last year” tweeted Daniel Preda

“Perhaps for the month of March instead of baiting the gay community you can use your massive platform as a voice for those LGBT+ who have no voice and resort to suicide and self-harm. Just a suggestion,” Daniel added later on. 

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