A Guide to Where All Those Sweet XP Coins Are in ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite isn’t one of the most consistently popular games enjoyed by players all over the world just because of its solid Battle Royale gameplay mechanics and fresh, whimsical take on the online combat genre. A lot of it has to do with Epic Games’ willingness to constantly up the ante and provide new content for paid subscribers to enjoy.

XP coins are a perfect example of that, and with the latest introduction of new coins, gamers are eager to know where they’re all at.

Fortnite‘s Season 2, Chapter 2 has been extended until June 4, probably as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Originally, it was supposed to be over and done with by April 30, but it looks like the developers behind the game needed a bit more time to prep the next chapter. That doesn’t mean they aren’t keeping things interesting for fans though.

In addition to new challenges, developers are giving players the opportunity to gather some XP coins.

So, where are all the XP coins located in ‘Fortnite’?

While obtaining experience from XP coins is easy enough — all you need to do is walk into them — finding them could be a little tricky though. All over the map you’ll come across four different types of coins: blue, gold, purple, and green.

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Each kind of coin reacts differently when you interact with them and they have different XP values as well. Purple coins are the “epic” ones, and they’ll give you 5,310 XP once you nab them.

Purple coins are a bit different, because after running into one, they’ll split up and turn into 10 smaller coins that you’ll have to go and grab to get the full XP value. If you don’t get all of the “coin shards”, then you also won’t get credit towards completing that specific challenge for the day, so make sure you get every little piece, capiche?

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Here’s a detailed map, provided by FortniteInsider of all the XP locations. It’s currently making the rounds on Twitter, as well.

The blue and green XP coins also vary in the amounts they’ll yield players, with gold coins giving players 2,000 XP every single time.

There are some 50 different spots located below, so you’ll have to get to work nabbing all of those sweet experience points.

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