5 Signs Seal Is the Leopard on ‘The Masked Singer’ — Keep Reading

Guessing which celebrity is behind an ornate costume is the best part of Fox’s The Masked Singer — and it’s what makes the show truly unique. As the competition nears its finale episode, viewers finally begin to get more insight as to who is wearing the masks. 

Plus, as the show goes on, the better singers stick around, giving us more time to try to match their voices to the artist behind them. Leopard is one of the five remaining characters on the show, and we’re almost certain that Seal is behind the mask. 

Yes, Leopard’s voice is a dead ringer for Seal’s, but the actual reason we’re feeling so confident is because his clues are lining up almost perfectly with Seal’s background.

2. Does Seal play tennis?

Though many celebrities play tennis, the sport is a much bigger part of Seal’s life than the average person. At a Spain concert in 2016, Seal spoke to the crowd and announced that he heard professional tennis player Novak Djokovic was in the audience. 

Seal said that when he was working out in his hotel before the concert, one of the employees said that Novak was training. 

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Seal went on to say that it was an honor to have Novak attend his show, and he dedicated his hit “Kiss from a Rose” to him.

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The cherry on top is when speaking with the Bradenton Herald about an upcoming concert in Florida in February of 2019, Seal had an interesting answer as to how he’d be spending his free time.

“I’m going to be in Bradenton and I’m going to play tennis. I’m going to seek out an old friend and we’ll get to play.”

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