27 Hangover Memes That Will Help Your Throbbing Headaches

We all have that one friend, or even group of friends, that can always get you to do things you know you’re going to regret in the morning, and it usually involves booze —  lots and lots of booze.

One beer turns into two beers turns into a round of shots then everyone’s buying at least one round each and then that turns into another beer and then a cocktail and before you know it you’re riding your town’s statue of Christopher Columbus singing “Firework” by Katy Perry and trying to make a serious argument that it should become the new national anthem.

While you’re in the throes of alcohol-induced ecstasy, you feel like nothing could possibly go wrong and you while you may not totally be in charge of your bodily functions, you feel pretty darn great. The next morning, however, is an entirely different story. Here are 27 memes that explain your hangover perfectly. 

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