2014 Pop Song Gets Dragged on Social Media

“Geronimo” also made headlines in November 2020, when an episode of the Starz docuseries Seduced showed that NXIVM — the same sex cult that inspired the HBO docuseries The Vow— used the song in a promotional video. 

“We haven’t and would never have allowed our music to be featured by NXIVM in their promotional video, and we were not approached by the documentary to have this unauthorized usage featured in the program,” vocalist George Sheppard said at the time, per the Daily Mail.

“It goes without saying that the allegations and charges surrounding the NXIVM cult are reprehensible and in no way would we want our music associated with such an organization or for it to be implied by the documentary makers that we have approved this usage.”

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/geronimo-meaning-tiktok

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