Historic Ernest Flagg Rectory Preservation

Since 1988, the Landmark Fund has been active in the restoration and maintenance of 232 East 11th Street (for more on its social and cultural history, please visit Ernest Flagg Rectory page).

The post-fire restoration process began in 1990 with roof and exterior repairs by the Preservation Youth Project.  In 1997, the interior restoration began, with the intent to reuse and restore as many of the original materials as possible.  It was at this time that the idea of the Neighborhood Preservation Center was conceived as a proposed use for the cellar, first floor, and second floor, with the third floor to become a apartment for the Church’s use.

In 1999, the Ernest Flagg Rectory became the official home to the Neighborhood Preservation Center and its three resident organizations. In the subsequent years, the Landmark Fund has engaged in general maintenance of the facility. Daily maintenance includes cleaning, enforcing security and safety regulations, and observation and repair of any changes to the facility.

The Fund also performs in-kind replacements when necessary and maintains the buildings systems: electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing. It has also taken on larger work towards the overall integrity and safeguarding of the building such as the roof, side walk, and stoop. Other areas of maintenence of the building include painting, hardware, pest control, carpentry, furniture and lighting. We have also launched a green initiative, demonstrating our commitment to engaging in preservation and sustainiblilty in action.

Below are some projects undertaken:

Grafitti Removal and Brownstone Repair: In October 2011 the brownstone bandcourse on the facade of the Historic Ernest Flagg Rectory was tagged with non-spray paint based waxy substance. We utilized our Neighborhood Preservation Center project's resource referral service to find the Landmarks Conservancy's Technical Services Center hotline. They advised us to contact a restoration company, who removed the grafitti and repaired other cracking that had been observed along the bandcourse.

Roof Replacement: Completed April 2012, the Landmark Fund repaired the rectory's mansard roof including the flat roof, parapet, and sloping copper gable. The new white roof is “cool” because has been painted a high-albedo, or highly reflective, off-white color that will keep the building cool in the summertime. It is anticipated that this will both lower our energy demand and our cooling costs.


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