Ernest Flagg Rectory

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The Ernest Flagg Rectory was the third residence for the rectors of St. Mark's Church. The first was built in 1802 on Stuyvesant Street, the second was built by Martin Thompson in 1840 on Second Avenue. Flagg, an important American architect famous for his fluency in the Beaux-Arts style, designed the current Rectory, which was built in 1900-1901. He was a noted architect both for his embrace of Beaux Arts architectural design and his belief in the social responsibility in architecture.

During the twentieth century, seven rectors of the Church and their families resided in the building: Rev. Dr. Loring Batten & family, Rev. William Norman Guthrie & family, Rev. Charles Brocklebank & family, Rev. Dr. Richard McEvoy & family, Rev. J.C. Michael Allen & family, and Rev. David Allen Garcia & family. The rectory was also home to church gatherings and affiliated organizations like the Silkscreen Project and the Community Documentation Workshop.

On March 28, 1988, a fire and subsequent rain caused extensive damage to the Rectory, already in need of several repairs. Under the auspices of the Landmark Fund, work began in 1997 with the intent to reuse and restore as many of the original materials as possible to match the interior. At this time the idea of the Neighborhood Preservation Center was conceived as a proposed use for the cellar, first floor, and second floor, with the third floor to become a apartment for the Church's use. The architects were the Edelman Partnership, now Edelman Sultan Knox Wood / Architects.

Ernest Flagg Rectory History Project

The St. Mark’s Historic Landmark Fund is conducting an ongoing project to collect and present the history of the Ernest Flagg Rectory, which began Summer 2011. We presented our first findings on October 15-16, 2011 as part of openhousenewyork 2011. There are still questions to be answered and further research to be done; we hope to continue this project and add even more information about the families and organizations that have called the Ernest Flagg Rectory their home. Click here for a video about the Rectory and the project by the Local East Village. Here is a bibliography of our research.

UPDATE: We have now uploaded the presentation of the history of the building we exhibited during openhousenewyork 2012!


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